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Private Photography Lessons

I offer photography lessons in Sonoma County for every level! Students to professionals are welcome and I cover subjects from the basics of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO all the way to studio lighting, best business practices, and bulk file management.

Photography basics

Just picked up a manual camera and need to learn how to use it? Student looking to get started in photography for the first time? In these lessons we'll go over the basics of photography, as well as how to use your specific camera. Recommended three one-hour courses.

Advanced concepts

Covering the advanced topics of photography such as lighting, modifiers, post-production, equipment loadouts, and external software. Customizable for wider ranges of experience.

Software & File Management

Lessons on best practices for managing files and software. Presets and profiles and how they can improve your photography or business. External hard drives, memory, Lightroom and Photoshop, how to archive.

Intermediate Concepts

Got the basics covered but still struggling with the more advanced areas of photography like composition, lighting, metering, editing, or film? Intermediate lessons can help beginners advance towards a more professional level.

Business basics

Best practices for photographers seeking to move into the professional realm. Business basics such as establishing a brand, building a website, social media, client management, logistics, and taxes. 

Studio/Flash Lighting

Studio lighting fundamentals, including strobes, modifiers, backdrops, radios, metering,
On and off camera flash fundamentals for shooting on-location.


3-course bundle for $300


3-course bundle for $300

Prices vary depending on concepts covered, send a message for a quote!




3-course bundle for $450


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