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  • How many photos can I expect?
    When I used to shoot purely digital, I ended up including a lot of superfluous photos in my gallery, because I wanted to show that I was capable of quantity. My philosophy now is more mature, and I focus much more on quality. In addition, shooting film means I can be more deliberate with my photographs. Obviously, I’ll be taking more photos during the ceremony and dancing where there’s a lot going on, as opposed to say, dinner and speeches where I can focus more on single events. I always set time aside to shoot about three to four rolls (about 48-64 photos, usually final product produces 30-40+) exclusively of the bride and groom. For the total event, you can expect and average of 25-50+ photos per hour depending on wedding size.
  • Do you offer a second photographer?
    Absolutely, but it depends on your package and needs. Larger weddings, weddings where the bridge and groom are getting ready at separate locations, weddings at large venues, extra-long weddings, or large-production weddings will almost always have a second, or even a third photographer. Intimate weddings, micro-weddings, and elopements generally will only need one photographer.
  • How are images delivered?
    All of my packages include your digital gallery available for download as 4MB-sized photos via my online gallery delivery software. From this gallery you will be able to download files, share images, and purchase products such as prints and frames. Your gallery will be available online for a minimum of one year for download and sharing, and you will receive a 30-day warning before your gallery is taken offline. Some packages include fine art albums and handmade prints, which can also be purchased at any point your gallery is still live.
  • I noticed you talk a lot about film. Whats the difference between film and digital?
    Film and digital are both fantastic mediums, but they each come with distinct differences. Film has been around for a hundred years, and is a timeless and organic medium. Digital is more modern and doesn't suffer from many of the inconveniences of film. But what's the difference you'll see on the client end? Film has a distinctive "feel" to it that's difficult to emulate with a digital camera, by nature of being a physical medium: grain, color, different film stocks, development, and scanning all come together to create a truly unique image. Digital, on the other hand, has a sharper, more sterile, consistent look. Portraits on film, in my opinion, can't be beat. There's a lot of technical, photographer-y stuff I could get into, but I'll just say that if you love my work, you've already fallen in love with film. 95% of everything on my website and social media is film, and it's a huge part of what achieves my "look". That being said, I still shoot plenty of digital as well, and know when its best to let modern technology take over.
  • We're a little camera-shy, can you help us feel comfortable in front of the camera?
    Absolutely! This is a huge part of my job, and for this reason I do recommend booking an engagement session if you and your fiance are camera-shy. This lets us establish a repertoire as photographer and subject, and helps get you comfortable with me and my style of photography. I approach posing from a looser, more relaxed perspective and will be helping you and your partner to feel comfortable so that your natural expressions can shine. Almost every couple you see on my website at some point told me they were camera shy and needed lots of help posing, and I think they all killed it!
  • What's your equipment setup look like?
    I have a lot of gear that I carefully select for the situation. I use a full frame Sony Digital camera and a variety of lenses that stay by my side most of the time, but my digital is mostly used as a safety and a backup. I mainly use a medium format film camera for most posed portraits, detail shots, and important family/group shots. I use a professional 35mm film camera as well for capturing candids of guests and for fast-moving scenes. I'll sometimes also bring a handful of disposable cameras to shoot lo-fi portraits, and I’m happy to share those with the bride and groom if either feels so inclined to take some film pictures. In addition I bring along lighting equipment if the venue calls for it. I also always bring backups in my vehicle! If all else fails, I always have two extra digital cameras and lenses.
  • Are you a one man operation, or a team?
    My photography brand is mostly me, however, I do have a team of trusted associates who assist me in various capacities. While most of the time you'll be receiving me personally, I offer associate photographers for events where I personally am unable to attend. This means a trusted, professional team member of mine will be the one to actually photograph your wedding, and I'll make sure everything is edited and presented under my brand's standards. Associates are all experienced, courteous, and professional photographers. Second photographers are often also members of my team and provide a second artistic eye to cover more ground and run support for both me, you, and other vendors during the day. You will be told on an initial consultation, before booking, if you'll be receiving myself or a team member on the day of your wedding. The only exception is if I experienced illness or injury, then an associate will tag in to make sure you aren't left without a photographer.
  • How long does it take to receive our gallery?
    This depends on the length and size of your wedding, but you can expect your photos within 4-8 weeks. Engagement sessions are usually done within 2 weeks. Basically, each wedding I’m shooting about 2-4 rolls of film per hour (on average, plus digitals), which ends up being about 24-30 rolls for an eight hour wedding. I send those rolls off the next day to my lab, Goodman Film Lab, in Irvine, CA via tracked and insured USPS shipping. My lab gets the rolls, and it will usually take them a couple weeks to get those scans back (which is actually a super good turn around for almost 30 rolls of film!). When I receive the scans, I download and catalog them, and then get to editing them. My editing process for a wedding will usually take 4 weeks. I will send you shots I'm excited about as I edit them.
  • Do you travel?
    You bet! I'm based in Northern California and serve that area predominantly, but I'm available worlwide!
  • What are your costs and packages?
    I custom design every package to the needs of my couples. Preset packages are great for simplicity, but I much prefer to tailor my services, as each client's needs differ. An exact quote for you wedding is available during a short introductory zoom session or phone call, and a full pricing breakdown is always available for any wedding quote. My prices for weddings generally start at $3,600 for non-micro weddings.
  • I'm sold, what's the next step?
    Hop on over to my "Contact" page and send me an email! I'd love to hear the story of how you and your partner met, special details you have planned for your wedding, and any other exciting plans. Then, we can set up a zoom meeting to get to know each other. While conferring we can discuss dates, pricing, features, plans, vendors, and more! I'm here to help. After everything is set up I'll draft a contract for us to go over together, and then your date is officially reserved upon signing and the payment of a 40% deposit.
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