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Headshots are all about presentation. First impressions are everything in the social and business world, whether you're looking for customers, employers, or team members. We've all been in the mindset of wanting to present as the best we can be. In an increasingly online world, we're seeing less face-to-face interactions and now with COVID, in-person meetings are indefinitely suspended. That means your chance to make a good first impression is now entirely online. That's where headshots come in: having a solid, professional headshot that represents YOU is an integral part of making a good online first impression.

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Yes, if you can get the right one for you. Having a multi-use portrait of yourself that plays to your strengths will give you an edge in online interactions, and make you stand out as more than just text on a screen. Resumes, Linkedin profiles, and websites all benefit from having a high-quality portrait. Especially if you're entering a new field, you may want to think twice before presenting yourself with an iPhone photo (no hate to iPhone photos, they definitely have their uses). If you're trying to present yourself as a professional, it makes a difference to have a professional photo.

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I can help you with that. I have four categories for headshots that should streamline the process of finding out what you need, listed below. Depending on what you plan to use the headshots for, what field you're in, and your personality, your headshot will evolve to fit YOU. Sometimes simple is better: folks in tech careers, or young professionals wanting to take their career media to the next level may want a flexible, catchall headshot they can use for the next few years. Creatives, such as photographers, stylists, and business owners may want a portrait that shows more of their unique brand they can use for their website of business cards. 

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Are you a personable team player type? Want to convey that to potential employers or customers? I can show that by making sure your headshot highlights your warm, inviting personality. Got more of a stoic, git'er'done approach? I can tailor your headshots to show the world that you mean business, and get results. No matter what makes you YOU, I can find a way to capture it in your headshots so everybody knows who you are and what you're about. 

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Any or all! Real estate and corporate headshots are often shot outdoors, so its good to keep in mind the style that's common for your career. Studio headshots can be more personalized, but outdoor headshots look more natural. I'm lucky enough to have a variety of great outdoor locations right near my studio, so there's plenty of outdoor backgrounds to choose from. Of course, if you prefer to shoot at a less urban location, that can be arranged no problem. Need an on-site headshot, such as at a dentists' office, corporate office, or artistic studio? No problem, I have a mobile setup and can bring my studio to you.

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Career headshots are shot to be as useful as possible for professionals. These can be shot on-site to emphasize your specific career, such as corporate, dentistry, real estate, or law. Otherwise, they can have a variety of backdrops to suit your needs. These are excellent for established career folks or for college graduates putting together their portfolios and marketing themselves to potential employers. Career headshots are flexible, professional, unique, and excellent for young and established professionals alike!

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Natural headshots have a livelier, more personable feel to them. Natural headshots are shot in-studio where I can control the light and produce a look that's unique for every individual, and where I can exercise the most creativity. Natural headshots allow for a wider selection in background color choices and I have plenty of textured or colored backdrops. Natural headshots are ideal for actors, creatives, and anyone looking for a more organic feel to their branding. 

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Commercial headshots are best for large orders or individuals looking to send their headshots to other media professionals for cutout and/or print, such as online advertisements, print advertisements, billboards, pamphlets, websites, graphics, catalogs, or directories. In order to make them as flexible and consistent as possible, they will usually be shot against a plain white or black background to make cutouts easy. Commercial headshots can be done individually or for discounted group rates, and can be shot in studio or on-site.


Booking starts here! Headshot sessions start at $150, but pricing will depend on what you exactly need, so reach out and we'll get you set up!


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