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Genuineness. Expressions. Moments. 80% of the time I’m approaching shooting as a photojournalist, aiming to let my couples be themselves and interact as if nobody is watching. I have a strong knowledge of posing to help my clients, but I also know when to step back and let people be people, and I’m always primed to capture those unmistakable moments.

How I would describe my photography style

Organic, illustrative, journalistic. Documentary, but with a fine art base. The way I shoot and edit will also change slightly depending on several factors: you and your partner, the venue, the lighting, and the energy of the wedding. But you can always count on lots of candids, goofy smiles, and tender moments. 


What is it like to have me at a wedding?

I maintain a documentarian approach to weddings, but that doesn't mean I spend my entire time behind the scenes. As a journalist, I know that the best photos are made when you're involved in and care about what you're photographing, so I make it a point to throw myself into the wedding day and live within your vision to truly illustrate it.

I am not a controlling photographer. I use wit and experience to get my couples comfortable with my camera and my presence, and that's all I've ever needed. I move my couples to good light, occasionally do some mild styling, and utilize my own "candid posing" model to elicit genuine moments even when I'm putting people into poses. It's my job to make sure that you aren't pulled away from being present for your own wedding. 

A word on stories

Weddings to me are the best part of the story; the middle. There’s no way to know everything that goes into two people falling in love and making the decision to spend the rest of their lives together, but its my role to jump right in and tell your story. I’d be thrilled to hear as much about your story as you’re comfortable sharing with me to help me better illustrate your partnership. I look forward to hearing from you.

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