I'm the proud co-owner of a humble photography studio in Santa Rosa, along with my creative partner. The studio has plenty of beautiful natural light and is stocked with backdrops, stands, modifiers, and lighting equipment. I use my studio to photograph a huge variety of subjects, from products to people. Most of my headshots are shot in the studio, and its an excellent option for couples who want a minimalist indoor shoot. 


I co-own the space with my dear friend and creative partner, Lilia (on the right). We often team up with our friends and other creatives to make some cool stuff, including the lovely human in the white dress, who's both a model and a burgeoning florist. 

Lilia and I leased the studio at the beginning of 2021 and have since shot a lot of content in it. We're both always hard at work and run our respective businesses out of the space. The space includes an open area for the studio, a small office space of Lilia's, and a lounge area for guests that also includes equipment storage.

The studio is available for rent to other creatives, and is a superb space for professionals and students alike. The space can be rented at a starting rate of 50$/h through Peerspace. Follow the link below, or just search "Photo Studio" in Santa Rosa and it should pop up!