A Palace of Fine Arts Engagement Session in San Francisco, CA

Updated: May 25, 2021

This was the first time I'd ever shot at the Palace of Fine Arts, and it was during the Glass fires so there was thick smoke in the air. I was concerned about the smoke creating an orange tint to the photos, but the film handled the color beautifully and it just looked like a cloudy day.

The Palace is a beautiful place to shoot: the incredible architecture creates an old-world atmosphere, and in the spring and summer the grounds are covered in vegetation. The amphitheater provides beautiful shade, but being open from all ends plenty of light flows into it and bounces off of the golden walls creating a glowing warmth.

Christina and Tavon were a perfect couple. This is my personal favorite shot from the session, because of that twinkle I managed to capture in Christina's eye as she looks at Tavon. The light breeze added the perfect amount of motion to her hair.

Tavon's blue and pink ensemble complimented the warm tones of the Palace perfectly, thanks to the expert styling of Elecia Tyson.

I always love mixing in some black and white film. It's my preferred way to capture candids.

Elecia's styling brought the whole shoot together, and she made sure all the details were exactly where they needed to be.

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