Headshots come in all shapes and sizes, and thankfully, I have a good repertoire of lighting styles I can achieve for different needs. I separate my general "styles" into four different options. Granted, these options have a good amount of overlap, but knowing which one you're drawn towards will help me as the photographer to narrow down exactly what is going to be best for you. I have my recommendations in the descriptions, but this doesn't mean you can't go off script if you want to do something a little different! Pricing depends on several factors, but most headshot sessions stay within the $300-$500 range. Contact me with what you need and I can get you an exact quote!



Career headshots are shot to emphasis a specific field or career, such as dentistry, real estate, and law. These are usually shot on-site in your career workspace, but can also be done in-studio if you'd like to bring specific elements to have in your photos to represent your skills. These are best for working professionals looking for a high-quality photo to use on their website, social media, and business cards. 



Media headshots are the most flexible, and a good option for young professionals looking to have a solid portrait to use online for social media sites such as LinkedIn. These will usually have a neutral background, such as grey, black, or white, and will have crisp, even lighting shot in-studio. They can be used in many the same ways as career headshots, but have a calmer composition that may fit certain personalities better. 



Natural headshots have a livelier, more personable feel to them. Natural headshots are shot in-studio where I can control the natural light and produce a look that's unique for every individual, and where I can exercise the most creativity. Natural headshots allow for a wider selection in background color choices and I have plenty of textured or colored backdrops. Natural headshots are ideal for actors, creatives, and anyone looking for a more organic feel to their headshots. 



Commercial headshots are best for large orders or individuals looking to send their headshots to other media professionals for cutout and/or print, such as online advertisements, print advertisements, billboards, pamphlets, websites, graphics, catalogs, or directories. In order to make them as flexible and consistent as possible, they will usually be shot against a plain white or black background to make cutouts easy, but the background color can be adjusted to almost anything. Commercial headshots can be done individually or for discounted group rates, and can be shot in studio or on-site.