Wedding pricing varies greatly depending on what you're looking for. Good wedding photography is a valuable commodity, and it's important that you know what you're paying for. That's why I custom tailor every package to the needs of each individual couple. Most couples end up investing between $3,000 and $6,000 for their photography. What are you paying for? Let's break it down.


Professional quality, timeless style. Me and my personal expertise, artistic eye, and photo-making ability is all yours for your wedding day. If you want your wedding photos to last through trends and remain a timeless album to look back on throughout your life, to show your friends, family, children, grandchildren, then that's why you hire a professional. I meant it when I said at your wedding I become your personal photojournalist. My job is as a professional documentarian. My style and flair, while huge parts of my brand, are all secondary to that primary goal: be there, capture it, make it so its never forgotten. I turn memories into physical things that you can hold and frame. That's what I deliver as a photographer.


Consultation. From the moment the contract is signed, I am part of your team, and I become a resource for you. Whether you're planning your wedding yourselves or hiring a professional event planner, I'm involved. I coordinate with you and all the other vendors to make sure your wedding day is everything you dream and more. This often means preparation months in advance. And rain or shine, you, your wedding team and I will make it happen. 


Peace of Mind. I'm a professional. And what do all professionals have? Insurance.

Not in the literal sense, although I have literal insurance too. But I always have a backup plan. What if my camera fails? No worries, I have a backup. What if my backup fails? Don't worry, I have another backup. What if my hard drive crashes? I've got four, plus double SD cards. Worried about not getting the shots you need for your wedding album? We can collaborate on a shot list to make sure I've got all the must-haves. What if I fall and break my leg the day of the wedding? I have a vast network of other professionals I can call upon to save the day, and my seconds are all prepared to associate shoot in the event of an emergency. What if YOU fall and break your leg the day of the wedding? I'm EMS certified, so I can treat you until the ambulance arrives no problem. Fun fact: I once had to treat a groom for heat stroke. Remember to hydrate on your wedding day! Long story short, hiring an amateur might save you a quick buck, but it can cost you more in the long run if challenges arise. I have a reputation to uphold, and photography is my livelihood, so you know you'll be receiving only the best service from my business. 


Permanence.  Your wedding will be a special, once in a lifetime event, irreplaceable and inimitable. But a wedding day doesn't last forever. Love and photographs, however, last a couple lifetimes, longer if well cared for. Looking back in 20, 30, 40 years on your wedding day, you'll realize what you invested in was permanence. The ability to look back on your wedding day, illustrated and immortalized for the rest of your lives. Days pass, life goes on, and memories fade. But love and photographs are with us until the very end.


I'm in this industry because weddings have meaning. This is why a wedding photographer is an investment: because good photography appreciates. If you have any further questions, or want to get a quote for your wedding, don't hesitate to reach out. Follow the link below to contact me.