Who needs an occasion for a photoshoot? Couples photos are the perfect anytime photoshoot opportunity and are available for married or non-married couples alike. Looking for some quality photos to adorn your household so your friends can see your big in-love mugs on a 20x30 print over the couch every game night? Couples photoshoot. Grandma won't get off your back about last year's terrible Christmas cards? Couples photoshoot. Date night and the old Italian place just doesn't have the same je ne sais quoi it used to? Couples photoshoot.


There's a lot of ways to go about couples sessions. Homebodies? No problem, I'm happy to offer in-home couples sessions. House a bit too messy? Mine too, I've got a natural light studio in downtown Santa Rosa I keep much cleaner than my house for some indoor couples portraits. Know a great hike with a beautiful view or a hidden grove? I'm there. Fun fact: I once got stalked by a mountain lion trying to reach a spot where I could take a single picture, so you know I'm willing to go to great lengths for beautiful pictures.


Couples sessions start with my mini-packages for $300, all the way up to adventure packages in the $850+ range.